Letter To The Editor: Support Local Businesses Like Manchester Barber


To the Editor: 

One of the best things about moving back to MBTS two years ago was finding a terrific barber.  Andrea Ramos and Marie Pelletier run a classic small town barbershop, with excellent service, and fair prices.  They were closed during the height of the pandemic, but reopened in June.  Since then, I have had Marie Pellitier cut my hair several times, and have been impressed by the rigid Covid-19 protocol they are following.  Alas, many of their customers are reluctant to patronize their establishment due to Covid-19 concerns, and I fear their business is at risk.  Today I was told they are cutting back their days to just Thursdays and Fridays.   So, I implore all previous customers, as well as new ones, along with all the young boys moms used to bring in, to start coming back to the Manchester Barber Shop.  

Peter G. Eschauzier


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