Letter to the Editor: Some Thoughts on a "Reset"


To the Editor:

RESET. As the owner of small fitness studio by-the-sea, I have found myself offering this word and opportunity weekly to all of my virtual clients during our online fitness classes. In the world of fitness, a reset offers people the chance to start over, no consequences. We don’t care that you missed some of the workouts, ate a cheeseburger or indulged with an ice cream sundae. It’s a chance to move forward without judgement. It helps especially in fitness, because people are so hard on themselves, judging themselves on how they appear and sometimes judging others that when a reset is offered everyone just falls into place. 

I am asking for the town of MBTS to take a reset. Can we do it? Can we forgive each other for some of the inconsiderate posts, rants, and policing of masks and policies? I think we can.

I feel we need to if we want to move our town forward in a positive and healthy way.

Isolation is challenging, as humans we are not designed to be without social contact. So, as we come out of this phase and begin to see each other with or without a mask, I am asking for some small, yet significant changes. 

  1. Stay in your lane. Focus on what you can control, yourself, your family, your surroundings. 
  2. Be empathetic: Keep in mind everyone’s COVID-19 experience and connection to black lives matter is different and needs to be respected 
  3. Your opinion is not the law. It’s your opinion and it matters to you but it’s not your responsibility to make others think exactly the way you do. Isn’t that freeing? I just gave you so much time back!!!
  4. Keep an open mind. The first few weeks of COVID-19 isolation, actually occurred during the most dismal months in New England. It provided all of us with a chance to hunker down. And now, yes, it’s getting nicer, and we are anxious to be outside, but for many of us, our kids would still be in school and not at the beach, so opening on June 11 is a bonus.
  5. Find the good: Did nothing good come out of this time? A slower lifestyle, more time with those we love, a chance to stop, take notice, without being penalized for it? Ask yourself, what do I appreciate from my time in isolation? A new garden, hobby, or project you’ve been meaning to tackle is worth a share.

It’s heartbreaking when I think about all the lives lost from this pandemic but if I change the lens slightly, I can find fulfilling moments too. I think about the relationships that were saved especially since families found more balance, the kids whose anxiety decreased because their school pressures lessened, and the people who survived and got a second chance to rewrite their story. 

As we move into Phase 2, I encourage everyone to take a RESET. If you can only change one thing, a behavior, forgiveness towards someone for something said or done in phase 1 or share an opinion without judgement. One small change made by many is a huge change for our community.

And with that, I welcome all of you to Phase 2.5.

Emily McCavanagh


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