Letter To The Editor: Slow Down And Keep It Legal!


To the Editor,

This morning, August 19, at approximately 9.30 a.m. my husband and I were driving back into town on Pine Street from Route 128. There appeared a black car, a Honda, behind us, following very closely. We were following the various speed limits, possibly a little over.

The car behind us was very close to us and as we approached the 20 m.p.h. zone started blasting the horn.  He/she then proceeded to overtake us crossing a double yellow line to do so.

This is the first time we have encountered such aggressive and illegal behavior on our town roads.  Quite shocking.  I wish I could have seen the number plate, but the car went away too fast. It turned left at the Mobil gas station on to Rte. 127.  Such inconsiderate and dangerous driving and illegal!

Joan Kulukundis, Manchester