Letter To The Editor: Regional Dispatch = No Bueno


To the Editor,

If it takes a half page (yawn) editorial, and lengthy manipulatively-worded “summary” on a “non-binding” vote—I smell a rat!

My safety is more important than relying on a computer algorithm to recognize a location “nickname” during an emergency call.

Nothing costs “‘0.00’ dollars, ever.”  Town budget numbers can do anything but dance.  I will gladly pay more taxes if money is allocated to local public safety.

Removing the 24-hour personal public safety hub (police station with real people), which is strategically and perfectly situated in our small town is asinine.  A button on a wall and a camera -- really?

People in this community deserve transparency and communication with those PEOPLE who protect and keep us safe.  And we thank them for that.

Vote NO on Ballot Question No. 1.

Otherwise, we lose control of our voice with regard to safety in Manchester—in perpetuity!

Logically—if you get into a jam, and need police or fire—are you more comfortable calling someone in Manchester you may know, or a faceless voice 20 miles away?

Ted Wolf