Letter To The Editor: Public Thanks for Public Bench


To the Editor,

We would like to publicly thank Cheryl Marshall, Director of Manchester Parks and Recreation Dept, for all the effort she put into fulfilling our mother’s wish to have a bench created in honor of our dad, E. Ray Kelley’s many contributions to the town of Manchester.

The view from the bench of beautiful Manchester Harbor all the way out to Tuck’s Point is exactly the view from their first apartment here in 1951, and Cheryl took all the steps necessary with various town boards to ensure that site was available.  She was a pleasure to work with and our town is fortunate to have her as the head of her department. 

We also want to acknowledge Stoneworks for installing the granite bench in the perfect spot for many to enjoy when visiting Masconomo Park.  We appreciate the work they did and thank them for completing the project this spring.


Ray’s wife, Norma Kelley; daughters, Elizabeth Kelley-Coughlin, Diane Heggerick & Eileen Buckley

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