Letter to the Editor: Project Plans To Project Reality: We Can Do Better


To the Editor: 

I am writing in reference to the two recent intersection road projects in the downtown. I write as a taxpayer and owner of abutting property.  

I first confess that I am a member of the DIP committee, but in my defense, I have been a critic of much of what that group has done over the years (including the fabled roundabout). I did vote for the planned work on the basis that it would be pedestrian/bike friendly and would enhance the viability of our downtown.  

In both of the projects, the work was not done according to the plans presented to the committee and approved by the selectmen. The reason given by the Town Administrator and the DPW for this is that existing conditions on the ground did not allow for the work to be pursued as in the plans. So you know, these conditions did not change -- they were there from the time the plans were first drawn. Apparently our town does not have the capacity to measure and assess existing conditions in order to produce feasible plans, and the expensive engineers we paid failed to measure and assess as well.  

I believe everyone involved had “good intentions” but we can do better.  

The town of Manchester should have resources adequate so in the future we don’t approve and start building something and not know what we will get until after it’s done.  

Gar Morse, Manchester

P.S.  I also pushed for the downtown speed limit lowering to 20 mph, and I still hope we will someday have a walkway from the town hall parking lot through to the retail area around the post office. The parking space we lost on Beach Street will affect retail business at a time we most need it.   

gar morse, manchester, road construction