Letter To The Editor: Police and Fire Dispatch Services


To the Editor,

A tale to tell following Sheila Hill’s letter in the Cricket of May 14:

More than a year ago, we were having dinner at the kitchen counter.  It was dark, probably 6:30 p.m. or so.  Suddenly, there was the blue light of a police car flashing out in front of our house.  In a very short time, we could see a flashlight moving down our driveway and on to the back deck.  Someone tapped lightly on the glass door and held the light to his face so we could see he was a policeman.  WHOA!  This was a bit startling.  We asked what was going on – and he, in turn, asked us if we were OK?

It turned out that the Manchester police station had received an alert from us.  A phone call just before we sat down to eat inquired if we were all right.  We thought that a bit unusual, but within just a few minutes, the follow-up cop was at the back door checking up on us.  Apparently, as I rose from my chair to come to dinner, I mistakenly hit the “emergency” icon on my cell phone, which alerted the police in town.

Our point is – that was the speediest response!  It was just a matter of minutes.  Would we have realized the same immediate response with a regionalized dispatch service in Middleton?  We hardly think so. 

Thank you, Manchester Police!  A response like that is very comforting – and needed – in this town.

Kitty and Dave Weaver, Manchester