Letter To The Editor: Mask Up Manchester Policy: Confusing, And Based In Fear And “What Ifs”


To the Editor,

The most recent Board of Health meeting and the continuing recommendation to “Mask up Manchester” is their second fumble in a short period of time. 

Their recommendation to mandate masks in Manchester does not look at science, active cases, or surrounding town’s data.  The BOH recommendation is based on feelings, fear, and what ifs.  I thank the BOH volunteers, but do not find them to be capable of making a scientific or factual decision at this time.  The BOH has lost the confidence of local businesses and more importantly its citizens. 

This is where the BOS comes in.  This is your time to shine!  If your star running back fumbles the ball not once but twice, you either replace him/her or you find a different way to move the ball.

You, the BOS have an opportunity to not accept the “emotional” recommendation from the Board of Health.  I urge you to correct your initial knee jerk decision to “Mask up Manchester”.  I would like to see this thrown in the pile with the “close the beaches and parks” and “shut down outdoor dining” decisions that have left your businesses and citizens scratching their heads.

Furthermore, I have heard that Manchester may want to enforce this decision by issuing fines to local business employees.  Ticketing low wage earners that are pulling double shifts to keep the doors open is disgusting and it may also be illegal. 

For the last two months your businesses and citizens have been patient with the BOS and BOH.  You owe it to your constituents to be humble and get it right.  I would move that you decide to go back to those pre-September 1 times and remove this confusing mask mandate.


Christopher Glass


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