Letter To The Editor: Long Live Freedom Of (Civil) Speech


In reference to the post card which was sent to Ms. Sheila Hill which appeared in the September 3 edition of the Cricket, telling Ms. Hill “You are a blabber mouth. Please put a sock in it.”  I suppose that means stop voicing your opinion.

“Freedom of speech” is a cornerstone of American Democracy.  When that sacred principle is abused by an act of cowardice from a person who insults our friend, but does not sign his or her name, the writer insults us all.

Tip O’Neil one said, “All politics is local.”  It is difficult to change behaviors on a national level, but there is NO excuse for compromised standards of civility among neighbors on the North Shore.  Perhaps this was a terrible joke in poor taste.  I beg the individual who wrote this nasty postcard to apologize to Ms. Hill.


Claire S. Cabot, Beverly Farms