Letter To The Editor: Kits To Kids: Thank You for Community Support


To the Editor,

As a Boy Scout in Manchester’s Troop 3, I was fortunate to be able to carry out an Eagle project this summer with the help from my Troop. The project involved making 80 kits of school supplies and distributing them to kids in need through the Salem Boys and Girls Club. As you might have guessed, this was an expensive endeavor, but I was lucky enough to receive an outstanding level of support from this community. Below is a list of individuals and businesses that donated to make my project possible. I would like to offer each one a sincere thank you. I would also like to thank all of the scouts, parents and volunteers from Troop 3 who helped me with every step of the project, from the paperwork to the final assembly. 


Mezzanine Safeti-Gates, Inc-Essex, MA

Crosby’s Marketplace-Manchester, MA

Alan’s Pharmacy-Manchester, MA

Lynne Taylor Drizen DMD-Essex, MA

Brookline Bank-Essex, MA


Jordana Everitt-Manchester MA

Susan Costello-Manchester MA

Peili Heitzman-Lyme, NH

David Cutler-Gloucester, MA

Emma McGonigle-Plainfield, NH

Indigo Kopp-Plainfield, NH

Jintao Yue-Tianjin, China

Jingbang Zhu-Sudbury, MA

Shannan Murphy-Wenham, MA

Raquel Dasilva-Pebody, MA

Gregory Wallace-North Carolina

Amy Richardson

Gail O’Donnel-Gloucester, MA

Emma Afflitto-Beverly, MA

Marc Beasley-Beverly, MA

Amy Lockwood-San Francisco, CA

Mark Pelletier-Peabody, MA

Alexander Lamb-Manchester, MA

Aimee Konevich-Essex, MA

Emily O’Brien-Beverly, MA

Colleen Connor-Marblehead, MA

Kathleen Murphy-Brookfield, WI

Dave Metrano-Manchester, MA

Thank you,

Ben Conway, Essex