Letter To The Editor: It’s Not Dog Behavior As Much As Owner Behavior


To the Editor,

The Chebacco Woods trail system is jointly maintained by the Towns of Manchester and Hamilton for the enjoyment of the public.  Unfortunately, a number of dog owners choose to allow their dogs to roam freely while they are there and this has become a problem.  In addition to accosting other trail walkers and startling occasional horses and their riders there is the particular problem of potential contamination of Gravely and Round Ponds.  Gravely Pond is a reservoir for drinking water while Round Pond is a backup reservoir.  The Hamilton Leash Law covers the Chebacco Woods trail system.  Because this has become such a problem, we have been forced to ask the Town Animal Control Officer to make spot patrols of the trail system and to issue citations where the Leash Law is being ignored.  We would ask dog owners to respect the requirements of the Leash Law, which exists for the safety of the public and is still important even in this wooded area.  With a little common sense and restraint, we can all enjoy the beauty of these trail systems.  Thank you.


Mike Mack, Manchester, on behalf of the Manchester/Hamilton Chebacco Woods Management Committee

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