Letter To The Editor: In Response to: MBTS BOS: Lots Of Data, Mask Mandate Enforcement Challenge


To The Editor,

The mask mandate has gone too far.  Having one of the members of the Board of Selectmen to suggest businesses that do not to enforce the unenforceable get “pilloried” is the ultimate contemptible abuse of power.  If public shaming is the answer to enforcement, we must question why they want to enforce.  It is ludicrous for Manchester to be the only municipality in the area to impose this mandate.  According to the Board of Health (BOH), as of October 22, 2021, Manchester has a vaccination rate of 81 percent and two active cases.  These numbers are consistent with surrounding cities and towns, none of which impose such drastic measures. 

For some unknown reason the BOH and the BOS have dug in their heels and drawn their line in the sand.  Let the people decide if they need masks, let the businesses decide if they want their customers and employees to wear masks.  Give the people some credit for making their own decisions.

I respect the hard work the BOS does.  But just like outdoor dining, where Manchester was the only town in the area to repeal it, the Board got this wrong.  The businesses in this community have struggled and to further burden them with these draconian measures is reprehensible.  It has always been my understanding that as elected officials, the roll of the Board was to enact rules and regulations in keeping with the will of the people they serve.  NOT to impose their will on the people who elected them.

Please respect the citizens of Manchester, help the businesses of Manchester, and fall in line with the surrounding communities.  Do not pillory the people. Repeal the mandate.


Brian Sollosy, Manchester

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