Letter To The Editor: Affordable Housing, Yes. Just Not This 40B.


To the Editor,

I support affordable housing.  I want it in my neighborhood.  I want it in my town.  I want to integrate affordable housing within the community rather than isolate it from the community, across the highway on Shingle Hill, far from public transportation and the village.  I support the environment.  I do not want this proposed and mostly unaffordable housing development on Shingle Hill, which will enrich a developer who capitalizes on the law while spoiling undeveloped space.  I think a development of this size, above our wetlands and water supply, is a terrible idea.  Can the developer guarantee that there will not be any contamination from the Shingle Hill site into our wetlands and water supply?  Let us stand with the Lorax and protect this undeveloped space.  Let us learn from the Sneetches and invite affordable housing into the developed fabric of our village.  The citizens of Manchester have had a wakeup call.  PLEASE allow the town another opportunity to satisfy our dire need for affordable housing in a way that better suits and enhances our community.  Let us be known as the town who fully and proudly welcomes and embraces our economically diverse friends and neighbors.

Ashley Ochs


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