Letter To The Editor: A Wonderful Piece On Catnip Bill


To the Editor,

I am the great grandson that stopped into the Cricket offices and inquired about Catnip Bill a few months ago after reading Kris McGinn’s piece, “William “Catnip Bill” Luscomb: Cape Ann’s Herb Doctor” (25 Sept. 2021). 

Thank you so much for the beautiful article.

It touched my heart and really captured the history in a special way!

We heard about a relative named Catnip Bill while I was growing up in Connecticut. 

Then, about five years ago, I found out he was my great grandfather. 

William Luscomb’s son Martin, one of four children, changed his name to Liscomb after being separated from his parents and raised in foster care.  Martin was my grandfather that my Dad never knew, as he left when my father was only three years old. 

The strange “pull” that I had, over the last few years, to find Catnip Bill and learn about his past led me to find out that we also share the same birthday! 

His wife was quarantined during a sickness, and he wasn’t able to keep his family together.  They lived down in Palmer, MA.  Catnip Bill, filled with heartbreak, set out to instead bring health and happiness wherever he ended up. 

My story parallels Catnip Bill’s life in a profound and unexplainable way. 

I am hoping to do a video series “Following the Path of Catnip Bill”, where I can share my own stories as we highlight the life of the Catnip Man. 

Thank you again and I hope we can stay in touch as I find out more! 


Scott Liscomb, Haddon Township, NJ

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