Letter To The Editor: A Big Thank You


I write to thank all those who participated in Manchester’s annual town meeting on Monday.  The discussion of warrant articles was thoughtful and effective.  One of the qualities of our meetings I value most is the civility with which our citizens debate the issues, even when they disagree.  At a time when public discourse in other settings is increasingly divisive and vitriolic, our tradition of respectful deliberation is unwavering.

Town government depends on the efforts of many volunteers, and town meeting is no exception.  I thank all of those who assisted in the conduct of the meeting:  Registrar of Voters Eileen Buckley, and helping her to check in voters:  Michelle Bayer, Tom Kehoe, Kurt Melden, Elaine Persons, Joanna Shah, Lee Simonds, Alison Anholt-White and Gretchen Wood; serving as counters:  Ellen Flatley, Beth Heisey, Kathy Ryan and Lee Simonds; assisting in numerous ways:  Harbormaster Bion Pike.  I also thank the Manchester Board of Health, especially Drs. Martin Hahn and Tonya Colpitts, for their advice in developing the Public Health Protocol I published for the meeting.

Finally, I extend my thanks and admiration to Eli Boling who is retiring as a Select Board member at the end of his current term.  Eli has served for nine years, four as chair.  In my time as moderator, never has the Town or the Board faced challenges comparable to those during his tenure:  first the pandemic and then the negotiation with SLV.  Through it all, Eli remained wise, unflappable and respectful.  He has fully earned the standing ovation he received at the meeting.   

Sincerely yours, 

Alan Wilson

Town Moderator