Letter To Editor: The Mask Cult


To the Editor,

Manchester authorities love mask mandates and authorities spread fear.

Police Chief makes code red phone call to residents to warn, BOH uses red light signs to warn, Board of Selectman and School Committee vote for masks based on fear-based opinions from BOH Depts.

All mask mandates must cease for the following reasons:

1. Masks are a medical device according to the FDA, yet those

mandating masks are not doctors prescribing these medical devices for individual patients. Did authorities give informed consent for this medical device?

2. Authorities cannot recommend the exact mask that protects from COVID.  Why?  If masks work, which one is best that protects from COVID?  The academic authorities are negligent in educating their students on mask wearing, efficacy, safety and legality. Masks impair communication, impede learning and weaken the immune system. Every time a student touches a mask their hands are contaminated, and they must wash their hands and replace the mask.  This practice does not protect health; students are constantly fussing with their masks.

3.  Masks restrict the flow of oxygen.  It is obvious masks restrict oxygen, and therefore they are not safe to wear for long periods of time. A box of paper masks state: “does not supply oxygen”,  “could result in death”, and  “consult an Industrial Hygienist before using”. N95 masks made by 3M Corp have never been tested for COVID virus protections.  They do not protect for small .01-micron size of COVID virus.  N95 mask prevents 100 percent oxygen intake and 3M has not presented a safety study.

4. New York State repealed the indoor mask mandate due to a lawsuit that declared over 150 reasons masks are harmful, illegal, ineffective, and coercive.  The Children’s Health Defense Team was part of this lawsuit. CHD is devoted to the health of people and our planet.  Their mission is to end the childhood health epidemics by working aggressively to eliminate harmful exposure and hold those responsible accountable.

5. Dentists are seeing “mask mouth” illnesses; doctors are seeing increases in pneumonia and respiratory illnesses.  All new illnesses are from trapped carbon dioxide and not getting enough oxygen.  There are 42 studies which confirm ineffectiveness of masks for COVID and 32 more confirm their negative health effects.

6.There is not one peer-reviewed published study that shows masks are safe.

This maskquerade is over.  We need to be reminded

not one child has died exclusively from COVID in Massachusetts, the survival rate for a healthy child from COVID is 99.999%.  Authorities can educate the public on living a healthy holistic life to prevent illnesses and strengthen immune system, instead of acting tyrannical with mask orders.

“Masks are the symbolic equivalent of the yellow star”, Vera Sharav holocaust survivor. The immoral ineffective use especially on children is child abuse.

Why are authorities mandating masks?

“People in authority LIE,” Robert F Kennedy.

Jessica McGovern


jessica mcgovern