Letter submission from Dahlia Beltramini


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first name: Dahlia
last name: Beltramini
address: 22 WOODCREST RD
state: MA
zip code: 01944
from: Dahliab@waringschool.org
letter: Dear Editor,
I am Dahlia Beltramini from Waring school in Beverly MA . Our writing class is working on a letter to the editor
assignment. I have stated a problem I can personally relate to and a solution which has worked for me.
Schools need to be more accommodating to active kids
When I was younger it was extremely hard for me to sit still for all of class. I frequently needed to “see the
nurse”. Truthfully, I just got up and roamed the school for 20 minutes. I had a discussion with my second
grade teacher about it and she suggested writing a b (for break) on an index card. I could hold it up when I was
feeling restless and then go for a short walk. My teacher in fourth grade was understanding because she had a
standing desk available. Standing, I find myself more engaged with class, but fidgets are also helpful.
Research shows most younger kids cannot sit for a long period of time. This is a skill that they will develop as
they mature. Fidgeting also shows that children are not getting enough of the exercise their bodies need. Some
kids may have ADHD (about 11%) but others just simply need to move. Sitting for too long can cause kids to
lose focus, increase anxiety or depression, and risk low grades.
I think that schools should do more interactive projects to keep students engaged. Schools should also be
encouraging and supportive of activity. We should normalize the differences and show support by supplying
fidgets, standing desks, and utilizing the outdoors as a classroom whenever possible. All of the above will
encourage engaged learning and comprehension. It has helped me and I hope it will help others.
(sources available upon request)

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