It’s the Sacrifice of Veterans is Really What Memorial Day is About


To the Editor,

With Memorial Day approaching, this is a good time to remind folks of the meaning of the holiday.  Formerly "Decoration Day," it was originally a time for people to visit the graves of their war dead and spruce them up in remembrance of their sacrifice. 

In recent years it seems that Memorial Day, in May, and Veterans Day, in November, have sort of merged in our thoughts. 

Memorial Day is a somber day, honoring all who have given their lives in service to our Republic; those who have fallen in battle. 

Veterans Day in November honors living veterans; all those who have served and are serving our nation.  

It is the "Thank You for Your Service" Day of celebration. 

Either way, our veterans (I am one) thank and appreciate all those who participate to honor those who served, on both special days.

Bob Kilpatrick


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