Invest in Your Future – Vote at MBTS Town Meeting


To the Editor,

This Monday, April 3, you have the opportunity and civic obligation to make your voice heard on a variety of issues that could both temporarily and permanently change our beautiful seaside town, its residents, and finances.  You should have received the Annual Report and Town Warrant that just came out a couple days ago and I recommend you review it in detail and come ready to discuss and vote.  Items on the agenda include millions of dollars for the town and our schools, zoning changes that will forever alter the towns character and density, funding town health clinics, entering into power purchasing contracts for the entire town, reducing the days Town Hall is open for business, doubling of parking fines, and more.  Unfortunately, we cannot vote in absentia due to the town’s bylaws so your in-person attendance is critical to be sure all our voices are heard.

See you there!

Jon Keefe


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