Information Needed for Veterans Honor Roll Names


After some time, construction on the Manchester Veterans Honor Roll is about to begin.  The Veterans Honor Roll Committee needs your help to make sure that all eligible veterans are listed.  To this end, below is a list of names gathered from many sources, by conflict.  To be eligible to be listed on the Honor Roll, one must have been a RESIDENT OF MANCHESTER WHEN THEY ENLISTED in the service.  The list below is for Vietnam Era veterans (those who served starting after the Korean War ended through the end of the Vietnam War). 

In the following weeks, we will be looking for the same information for WW1, WWII and Korean War Veterans and for Veterans who enlisted after Vietnam to the present. 

Also, there is still time to honor those veterans who have Manchester ties but may not have been a resident of Manchester when they enlisted.  Those interested may purchase a whole paver with three lines of inscription (60 characters total) thru a $500 donation.  A shared paver can be had for a $200 donation (one line of inscription with 20 characters.)  Please contact me at the Amaral Bailey American Legion in Manchester if you need any information about these pavers.


Honor Roll | Vietnam Veterans                                

Last                 First                Mid      Branch

Amatucci         Michael            G         CG

Babcock           John                C          AF

Baker               John                S          M

Baxter              William            L          N

Blaisdell           Scott                           N

Borgioli           Robert             C          A

Borgioli           Thomas           S          A

Bourke            Thomas           W         A

Brown             David               W         N

Brown             Spero              P          A

Brvheau          Bernard           J          A

Bullock            John                            M

Burgess           Russell            D         A

Burnham        James                          N

Burroughs, IV Wm. Chip        W         A

Burtt, III         William            H         A

Cammet          David               R          A

Capello            Leonard          W         N

Carr                 Robert             V          A

Chisholm        James              P          A

Chisholm        John                            M

Conlon            James              R          A

Conlon            James              D         N

Conlon            John                D         N

Conlon            Michael            T          AF

Conlon, Jr       Joseph             W         A

Cool                 Peter               M         N

Corley, Jr.       Joseph             W         A

Crane              Kerry               J          AF

Crane              Steve                           AF

Curran            Daniel              A          N

Curran            David               A          N

D'Alessandro  Robert             J          A

Deady              John                J          N

DiDonato        James              A          N

Dionne                        John                J          A

Doane              Clifford            W         N

Doane              David               A          N

Doane              Robert             E          N

Doucette         Vincent                       N

Dreiman          Robert             J          AF

Elso                 Jon                              CG

Endicott          William            T          M

Ericson, III     Eric                 H         N

Fabyan            Dale                             A

Featherstone  Wayne                         M

Finlay              James              R          A

Fitzgerald        James              P          A

Fitzgerald        John                F          M

Fitzgerald        Kevin               S          A

Frey                 James              F          A

Gannett           David               P          A

Gavin, II          John                H         AF

Gavin, Jr.        Edward            P          AF

George            Dennis            K         N

George            Richard           T          A

Gillis                Raymond                     A

Gillis                A.                     Lee     A

Gilson             Alan                 M         N

Gilson             Bruce              D         A

Glass               Chris               R          A

Glass               John                R          A

Glennon          William            J          N

Goodall, Jr.     John                D         N

Grafflin            Dennis                        AF

Grinovich        Charles            D         A

Hall                 Lawrence        P          N

Halloran          James              F          A

Halloran          Joseph             G         AF

Hatcher           William            M         A

Head                Stephen          M         N

Herrick           Spike               L          N

Herrick           John                B          N

Hinckley, Jr.   William            K         N

Horne             Edward                        M

Jones               Anthony          M         N

Jones               Benjamin        N         N

Kelleher          Robert             D         AF

Kelly                Robert             J          AF

Kenney            John                F          A

Kenny,III        Herbert           A          A

Keyes               Kenneth          D         CG

Kiely                Thomas           A          AF

Killam             Keith               B          AF

Kilpatrick        Richard           J          A

Kilpatrick        Robert             G         A

Kirby               Theodore        J          A

Kirby, Jr.         Lawrence        F          A

Kirker             Allan                M         A

Koch, Jr.         Stanley            S          N

Laskowski       William                        A

Lazisky, Jr,     Joseph             A          A

Lefreniere       Thomas           M         N

LeHay              Gordon           G         A

Logue              Charles            A          AF

Logue              Timothy          J          AF

Lombardi        Joseph             W         N

Loud, Jr.         John                A          AF

Lysiak              Richard           J          N

MacDonald      Bruce  A                      N

MacDonald      Robert H                     N

MacDonald      William            A          AF

MacDougall     David               G         M

Machain          George            J          A

Machain          Gene                            A

Manos             Paul                 N         N

Marr                Peter               R          A

Marshall          Richard           L          A

Mathews          Ronald             R          N

McCoy             Craig                           N

McLeod           Martin             E          A

Meigs               Bradford                      A

Merchant        Arnold             P          M

Merchant        Katherine                    M

Metall              Joseph             P          N

Millard             Herbert           J          A

Milner             Peter               C          N

Morgan           Hallowell         V          A

Morgan           John                G         A

Morrissey        Peter               F          N

Mulvey, III      James                          A

Nahatis            Arthur            C          A

O'Connor, Jr.  William            H         AF

Parsons           Lawrence        H         AF

Peart               Lorene            D         A

Peek                Sanford           R          CG

Philips             William            E          A

Plasman          John                R          N

Radack             William            C          M

Richardson     Susan                          M

Roberts           John                T          A

Robinson        William            R          A

Russell            Baynard           W         N

Saco                Charles            E          N

Saco, Jr.          John                T          M

Shompe          Peter               W         N

Silva                Richard           C          N

Sucharski       Kenneth          S          M

Tobiason         Gerard             L          AF

Tobiason         Paul                 S          CG

Towle              David               A          A

Villa                 Marc                R          A

Walker             Douglas           A          A

Walker             Douglas           S          A

White              Stephen          H         CC

Wilkin, II        Raymond         S          A

Willwerth        Patrick            J          AF

Willwerth, III  Walter             C          A

Wogan             Stephen          D         AF

Wykes              Douglas                      

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