In Support of FY24 Public Education Budget


To the Editor,

We moved to Manchester over 35 years ago when our kids were entering elementary school.  The primary reason we chose Manchester was because we saw the town valued public education and had a course program and nationally recognized program in Debate.  Both our girls participated in this program as other classmates participated in Debate or DECA.  There was widespread participation in these and other programs.  Our students and an entire generation of Manchester students have had great college, career and life outcomes in large part as a result of an enriched curriculum. 

Every dollar that has been paid for public education in this town has resulted in increased property values and well-educated citizens that carry their weight in the world and exceed expectations.

We are disappointed that the Essex vote to not support an override does not support this vision of a strong public education system.  We urge Essex residents to reconsider the override.  In the long view it is a small sum of money to spread over a town that is showing increased school age populations for the very reason that Manchester has supported spending on education for years.

Over the years our choice has paid off for us and our kids. 

David and Michelle Baer


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