Hello Bicentennial


The event was packed, enjoying incredible food, drink, and company in the gorgeous summer setting of the Sharksmouth Estate overlooking Dana’s Beach just north of Singing Beach.  The 1868 “Stone House” was built as the summer home of Harriot and Greely Curtis is situated on a high promontory at the center of the forty-acre dramatic waterfront property. 

This setting for Wednesday’s party was particularly apt.  Guests got a first look at three paintings recently acquired by the museum by the renowned Manchester artist Charles Sidney Hopkinson (1869-1962) whose home was at Sharksmouth.  They included a portrait in oil, a landscape watercolor, and a seascape watercolor painted from the artist’s terrace at Sharksmouth. 

The museum will host a grand opening of the Trask House on June 30, which has been closed for renovations) and more Bicentennial celebration events this summer, culminating in another party at Tuck’s Point in September.

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