Get Fresh! The Natural Wonder of Microgreens


Delicate. Vibrant. Nutrient dense. And just lovely to look at. They are microgreens!  If you have not already noticed these tiny wonders showing up on your fine dining take out, then you surely will now.  Because beyond their alluring aesthetic, microgreens are nutritional and flavor powerhouses. 

Microgreens are defined as very young plants, older than a sprout, but not old enough to have a first pair of “true leaves” (leaves that will become the leaves that gather light for the plant as it matures).  Though still very small, they are no less mighty than the plant they would otherwise become; microgreens contain all of the nutrients and flavor that they would as a full-grown plant.  This makes them wildly nutritious with a massive hit of flavor, explains Bob Doyle, of Manchester-based North Shore MicroFresh.

Bob explains that the nerd in him was simultaneously taken by the idea of hydroponics and also intrigued by how you feed people spending longer quantities of time in space. This curiosity led to his founding North Shore MicroFresh in 2020.  North Shore MicroFresh is a hyperlocal indoor microgreens farm based in Manchester. The small indoor farm produces all manner of greens, arugula, radish, sunflower, speckled pea, and more.  And as if year-round growing of these incredibly healthy plants were not enough, Bob hardly produces any garbage in the process of growing, recycles all of his soil with Black Earth Compost, and even delivers his microgreens in an electric car.  Perfect.

So, what do we do with these lovely microgreens once they arrive to better our lives?  Anything we wish.  However, Bob suggests trying them on sandwiches, in omelettes, in smoothies (the speckled pea microgreen is amazing), as a garnish or, as in the summer he will be offering cilantro microgreens, on fish tacos!  Bob also mentioned basil microgreens for the summer which seem perfect for a riff on a caprese salad or even … cocktails?

You can find North Shore MicroGreens in the restaurants Allie’s in downtown Manchester or Tonno in Gloucester,  and also for sale at Utopia or Marini Farms, or --  in your home.  Bob delivers!  So consider taking the time to seek out and try this tiny green wonders.  We, at The Cricket, will be working on the summer cocktail -- stay tuned!

White Egg Omelet

This recipe from Manchester’s Bob Doyle for his microgreens is simple, and really good.

Whisk together two egg whites and 2 tsp of milk.

Add mixture to a skillet with a light coat of cooking spray

Cook them over medium to low heat

Add some salt and pepper to the egg while cooking

Flip the egg over when the bottom looks cooked

Once the other side is done, transfer it to a plate fill it with sliced avocado, crumbled goat cheese, and some fresh microgreens and fold it in half.


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