Fund Raising for Gloucester Immigrant Family


The small group of volunteers from the Cape Ann community has been revived to help the oldest member of our Congolese family to attend her 8th grade Class trip to DC in the Spring.  We are joining Elizabeth Mu in raising the $900.00 for the cost of the trip helping her to sell “calendars” at $10.00 a piece or by donation of money only.  The “calendars” are unique in that they allow the person to win prizes donated by area merchants beginning in February and announced daily on the O’Malley School website!

Any team member can call Mary Johnson 978-283-2475 to request a calendar or just to make a donation.  Also, Manchester volunteers can be contacted including Peggy Coleman at 978-526 - 7906; Alison Anholt-White; Bonnie Sorenson Gauthier; Beth Davis and in Gloucester Barbara Kelley.

Elizabeth is the oldest of the family of six children of Antoinette and Isaacs.  Since we began our advocacy for the family in 2017 there has been an American born girl “Baby Bella” who has ‘usurped’ the status of “Baby” Tim from Elizabeth’s growing family!

Thank you in advance for helping us and Elizabeth, too, to experience this unique experience in an American school that is surely unlike her previous schools in the Congo and Uganda.

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