Food For Thought


To the Editor,

Y’all bready for this?  Let’s give ’em something to taco ’bout—irony.

There’s nothing more deliciously good than a food pun.  Nice to meat you, and thanks for taking the path of yeast resistance.

What’s cooking?  Bake in my day, things were much different, and we didn’t settle for mediokra.  Not to worry, I don’t leek secrets.

Soda ya think you can help me out?  Ironically, I donut understand food puns.  Writing this is a whisk I’m willing to take and I’m berry excited.  Orange you excited?

Lettuce celebrate.  It is clear I dough not belong here, and perhaps I butter back off.

Well, well, well - three holes in the ground - would you look at the thyme?  Thanks for pudding up with me.  I’m the wurst.  Oh dear, romaine calm - I’m not a cereal killer.

It’s fry-day - thank you very matcha.

Christian Brown


(If you read this, feel hungry and anxious, know you cannot eat the words, and continue feeling hungry - consult your local, um, never mind - just phone a friend.)

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