Essex Notebook for the Week of September 25


On Saturday, October 3 Essex will hold its Fall Town Meeting. Originally scheduled for later in the month, town officials pulled the outdoor afternoon event back to optimize their chances for good weather. It will take place at 1 p.m. at Essex Elementary School. This will be the second outdoor Town Meeting this year, the first taking place this past summer. It was well attended and well run.  

There are many smaller items being taken up on the 17-article Essex Fall Town Meeting Warrant. Typical business, like moving monies from one budget to another. Residents will be asked to vote on nudging fees up to increase revenues. The town is seeking to increase building permits $35 to $50. Likewise, residents will be asked to increase maximum parking fines from $25 to $50.  

In more impactful business, residents will be asked to slightly adjust the town’s general bylaws addressing marijuana sales establishments to prohibit onsite consumption (“social consumption”) of cannabis or its derivates. This cuts off the option of “bar like” cannabis establishments in Essex.  

There is also a citizen’s petition, brought by Essex resident Andrea Bradury, asking for a six-month moratorium on the town’s consideration of all personal wireless communication facilities (a.k.a., cellular towers).  

Show up and vote! 

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