ESSEX LOCALS | What Was Happening on October 22 In Years Pastt



115 Years Ago – 1906

What a pity that something cannot be done to prevent so much intoxication in town and so many people under the influence of liquor, especially on Sunday.  It is reported that one lady last Sabbath, while walking on the street near the center, met three intoxicated men crossing the street and four or five others.  The language issuing from their mouths was very vile.

90 Years Ago – 1931

Abel O. Doucette of Gloucester was in a bad auto accident in this town last Friday, the car he was driving being in a collision with a truck from Newburyport and then crashed into a telephone pole knocking down a transformer.  The collision was on Eastern Avenue near Water Street, Doucette’s car smashed into the front of the truck, then skidded into the pole and finally its wild career was stopped by a tree in its way.

abel o. doucette, essex, massachusetts