Election Candidate: Meet Christine Delisio


Dear Manchester Residents,

My name is Christina Delisio and I have been honored to represent you for the last four years and I am asking for your vote again on May 18. 

I am seeking re-election for a three-year term on the Manchester Planning Board.  Like many others, my family chose Manchester because of the unique character of a small New England town and excellent schools.  I have had two children that have graduated from MERHS and received excellent educations. 

 A few years ago, I attended a Planning Board meeting to voice my opinion with regard to a neighborhood issue.  I came with a copy of the Zoning Bylaws in hand and had actually read them.  I know…completely nerdy, but I was the strange rarity in Law School that loved Property and Land Use.  At the close of that meeting, I was asked by the sitting Planning Board to consider filling the open seat, never had a citizen come so prepared and with a copy of the bylaws.  I said yes.

So what I have accomplished?

  • Member of the subcommittee that reviewed and approved the final writing of the Master Plan.
  • Implementation of the Master Plan, including LCD and 40R feasibility
  • Advocated for and successfully garnered support for the recodification of the Zoning Bylaws
  • Curb cut and driveway guidance
  • Ongoing Development of Planning Board Policies and Procedures

Why should you vote for Christina Delisio again?

I want to be clear; I have NO agenda.  I was asked to be a member of the Planning Board because of my knowledge, thoughtfulness and passion to protect the character of Manchester.  I have read every submitted public comment from conception of the Master Plan to the visioning of the 40R.  I hear you!

Based on the conversations I have had with residents we value our ability to resist the need to be like our surrounding communities.  Growth is inevitable, but there are those in town that advocate for more change.  I do not support change for the sake of change.  If development is going occur it must be thoughtful, backed by data and supported by the residents of Manchester.  We must thoughtfully and slowly pursue development that is driven by the citizens. 

The Planning Board is where some of the Town’s most important decisions start and we can’t be too careful in these early stages of planning, especially within the Limited Commercial District, (LCD).  This area has the potential to create Town revenue, but this must be balanced to honor the town’s long-term commitment to its natural resources.

I am deeply committed to addressing Manchester’s current and long-term planning challenges. Manchester residents have a tremendous amount of creativity, goodwill, and ability to solve tough problems. I think I add a bit of contrarian thinking to the board, and my record reflects I am often the minority vote, cautioning and calling for a pause until more data is gathered. I'm not afraid to voice my opinion, speak my mind and take a different point of view if I feel it's the right one for the town.

I would welcome the opportunity to complete the Recodification that I started, which will streamline and bring the Zoning Bylaws into legal compliance and continue to serve on the Planning Board to achieve our vision for Manchester’s future together.  I humbly ask for your vote in-person on May 18 or by mail if you’ve requested a mail-in ballot.

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