Earth Day is Saturday, April 22.  The Manchester Sustainability Committee is offering regular everyday tips we all can do to show a little love to Mother Earth.  This week’s tip is all about how to do the right thing when entertaining:

While you may be able to avoid single-use plastic and packing materials in normal times, summer parties, graduation and birthday celebrations are often occasions when a lot of waste is generated. Using the china, glass and flatware which you already have in your home instead of buying “disposable” avoids sending a lot of single-use plastic and paper to the landfill. Mismatched is cool! For large parties, you can rent tableware. For kids’ parties, have kids write their name on their cups so they can be reused, not tossed, and please avoid straws, balloons, and single-use water bottles. Provide a large cooler with ice, or water in pitchers for drinks on a hot day. 

You can wrap gifts in fabric remnants with a fabric ribbon instead of wrapping paper, which usually can’t be recycled as it’s plastic-coated. 

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