Draw Your Own Conclusions!


To the Editor:

At Monday's BOS meeting (2/2/20,) I had requested that the following be read into the record, regarding expenditures to widen the Beach St. sidewalk, and add bump outs to the Washington/Sea St. intersection.

It was not.

To the Board Of Selectment:

How much clearer can the voices be??? 

AGAIN, abutters and taxpayers oppose the frivolous expenditure of our money on projects not fully evaluated, nor deemed a priority for the Town.

AGAIN, a deadline for spending grant money drives poorly conceived street and sidewalk approvals; a dynamic that should be an embarrassment to the Board.

AGAIN, I am at a loss to understand why the BOS risks a significant measure of its credibility by insisting on these costly, unplanned boondoggles while the sea consumes our shores. 

Sheila Hill


board of selectment, sea st., sheila hill