Dr. Sophia Martz, DMD Welcomes New Dentist To Her Practice


This week Sophia Martz, DMD announced the addition of a new dentist to her Manchester-based practice.

Dr. Alexandra Gilbert, DMD was born and raised in the western part of Germany.  It was through her hobbies sailing and model boat building that she developed her love for dentistry when she was just a teenager. One day one of her sailing students who happened to be a dentist showed her his office and she decided “this was it!”

Gilbert knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

After graduating high school Dr. Gilbert started attending the Dental School of the University of Greifswald, located a couple hours north of Berlin and right on the Baltic Ocean.  It was a small dental school but widely acknowledged for its excellence, with one-on-one training by the professors.  Since this town was in former East Germany the government spent a lot of money modernizing the technology of the Dental School and Dr. Gilbert was able to enjoy and learn on the newest technological advances in dentistry.

Dr Gilbert was offered a position as the lab director of the Dental School overseeing and teaching dental students with their dental technician work.

After graduating in 2002 Dr Gilbert started working for a prosthodontist and after just two years, she was offered to become partner of the practice.  It was in this smaller town that she developed her love for being the small-town dentist. By taking care of the families, watching her patients’ children grow up, meeting and taking care of the parents and grandparents, Dr. Gilbert enjoys every minute of her workday.

It was during a trip to Uruguay that Dr Gilbert met her husband Daniel at a mutual friend’s wedding.  They then got married and decided to move to the United States and settled in Beverly, Massachusetts.

After having three children, she wanted to go back to her dream job.  She studied at night for her dental board examinations while her children were asleep and was admitted right away for the Advanced Standing Program at Boston University’s Dental School.

It was a challenge to raise three children while attending a full-time program in Boston, but that didn’t keep her from graduating with Highest Honors and being elected member in the National Dental Honor Society.  She received the Steven Gordon Award for excellence in General Dentistry and was excited to help teach the removable prosthodontics class at Boston University.

Since graduation Dr. Gilbert has been working as a general dentist in and around the North Shore.

She and her family continue to live in Beverly and love the North Shore.  They enjoy sailing, going to the beach in the summers and skiing in the winters.

Dr Gilbert is so excited that she was able to find the practice of Dr. Sophia Martz in Manchester-by-the Sea where she will be able to fulfill her dream of being the family dentist and taking care of her patients for many years to come.

Dr. Sophia Martz welcomes Dr. Alexandra Gilbert to her practice.

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