Department of Public Works … Wow!


To the Editor,

Memorial Day in Manchester for me is an opportunity to honor/thank Veterans, step back and view the town beaches, parks, roadways, and other public areas veterans fought for …  and WOW are we lucky!  This town is currently gorgeous, the weather is fantastic, and everything is C-L-E-A-N!

The folks responsible is our Department of Public Works.

“The Department of Public Works staff consists of 17 employees responsible for Manchester’s infrastructure and public facilities. The various functions provided by the Department include Administration, Engineering, Machinery Maintenance, Roads and Streets, Storm Drainage, Solid Waste and Recycling, Compost, Water Distribution, Water Treatment, Sewer Collection System, Sewage Treatment, Snow and Ice Removal, and Tree Care (in conjunction with a volunteer Tree Warden).”

Chuck Dam, PE is our Public Works Director and I have absolutely no idea who he is (or what the “PE” after his name means); however, what a fantastic job he is doing!  Ruth Fitzgerald is Assistant to the DPW Director and most likely has a lot to do with the smooth running of the DPW.  There are a bunch of other people like Sue Taylor on the town website who should be commended—so, thank you!

The DPW mission statement, “The Public Works Department’s provides and maintains public services necessary for the continued growth and improvement of the quality of life for the citizens of Manchester-by-the-Sea. “

Whelp, mission accomplished DPW -- thank you so much!  For fun I researched the salaries of our DPW staff because the information is publicly available - they all (17) deserve a raise.  Put that in your budget soup as it simmers.

And nothing about improvement of the quality of life for the citizens of Manchester-by-the-Sea in the Board of Select (WHATEVERTHEFYOUCALLYOURSELVESTHESEDAYS) “overview.” 

Just an observation …

Christian Brown

Identifying as an Aardvark on the day of submission (thinking Giraffe tomorrow)


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