Composting Saves Money AND The Planet


To the Editor:

The Sustainability Committee wants everyone to make a New Year resolution to compost! According to the recent BOS information, in 2019 we saved over $13,000 in trash haulage fees through our composting program. Food is heavy! Don’t trash it. Food scraps, including meat and bones, food-soiled paper towels and used pizza boxes, can all go in the green bin. 

Visit the Department of Public Worksat Town Hall Mon–Thurs 7 a.m. to 4p.m. to get a FREE green bin and get on the list to have your compost collected for free! Compostable green bin liners can be purchased from Black Earth Compost, and countertop compostable bag liners from Crosby’s to reduce the ick-factor.  

Black Earth will also pick up textiles such as clothing, shoes, towels etc.  Put them in a white plastic bag and leave next to the compost bin.You can get free compost for your garden! Check out their website at We’re aiming for 100% participation in this wonderful program. Let’s get those green bins curbside!

Your Town Sustainability Committee

Alison Anholt-White (Chair), Su-Yin Mittermaier, Allison Ste. Marie, Carley Cook, Dana Spang Menon, Nadia Wetzler, Melissa Flinn 

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