Children’s Author Jerry Pallotta Visits Memorial


Manchester Memorial Elementary school had its third Enrichment Program and its first author visit last week when Jerry Pallotta, a Massachusetts native who has written over 100 books, spent the day at the school visiting with students.

Pallotta is the author of the popular “WHO WOULD WIN” series, as well as the “Alphabet Book” series.  Several of his book titles have sold over a million copies. 

The program was organized by the school library team, especially MERSD district librarian Samantha Silag.  And, through the generosity of the Manchester Memorial PTO, students had the opportunity to spend time with Jerry in the school’s new “Gym-a-torium” (a multi-use space that configures from a gymnasium to an auditorium).

Jerry Pallotta presented three separate hour-long assemblies to two grades at a time.  He shared with the children how he was motivated to write books by visiting museums, reading books, traveling the world and incorporating his own personal stories.  Jerry explained to the students that he always has a pen on hand to take notes whenever he is inspired.  He showed the children his writing process, beginning with his handwritten notes, computer edits and the final illustrated product.  He asked the students to vote on their favorite book covers and which images were more interesting. 

The energy of all the students was unreal - upon his arrival to Memorial, the children were chanting his name with excitement.  It was a wonderful day at Memorial.  

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