Chief’s Corner



Hello, and welcome to the first edition of “Chief’s Corner.”  Each month I will share information about the Department and address matters important to our community.

Many residents have told us that speeding is their top concern.  We share that concern and want to assure the community that our two officers on the road enforce all traffic laws.

From March 1 to August 8, our officers stopped 97 vehicles through observation or by radar/LiDAR.  In 59 stops, the driver was issued a warning.  Our officers are not being lenient; they are exercising discretion, which is a vital part of their job.  In 90 percent of those cases, the driver was a resident who had never been stopped before.  A warning is reasonable and appropriate.

The state and justice system also have set guidelines for traffic enforcement.  Town cannot install fixed cameras, which are illegal.  Also, a Superior Court Judge ruled in 2003 that a police chief cannot order officers to hand out citations rather than warnings.

The Department added a new handheld Truspeed LiDAR unit in June, giving officers more accurate information and leading to improved enforcement.  Unfortunately, this news was met with an overwhelmingly negative response on social media.

Our members work with other Town departments every day to keep our roads safe.  They serve the community with pride and appreciate your support.

Please remember to drive safely and obey the speed limit!


Chief Fitzgerald

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