Caucus For 2021 Massachusetts Democratic Convention - Picnic Follows


Every year each town in the Commonwealth elects delegates from among registered Democrats through caucuses to participate in the annual Massachusetts Democratic Convention. 

Last year, both our caucus and the Convention were cancelled due to the pandemic.  This year our party is holding hearings on, and voting for, an updated new party platform for the 2022 election cycle.  To participate in the vote for our new platform, you must be elected a delegate to the Massachusetts Democratic Convention, which will be held at the Tsongas Center in Lowell on Saturday September 25—so here's your chance.

Please note, even if you do NOT want to run to be a delegate or alternate, we would really LOVE to have as many folks from our community attend the Caucus to vote for those that do. This makes it mean a lot more for those neighbors that we do elect as representatives of our town!

The Manchester Caucus is on July 17 (rain date: July 24) in person at Tuck's Point in Manchester under the trees next to the road.  (Bring your own chair.)  The sign-in process (using an official Voting List from Town Clerk to check that you are a registered Democrat living in MBTS) begins at 10 a.m.  Please arrive early or as close to 10 a.m. as possible to allow the sign-in process to go quickly.  Only those who are registered Democrats who live in MBTS will be able to vote in the Caucus or be a delegate or alternate from MBTS, but anyone can attend and observe the caucus and then stay for the picnic. 

The Manchester Caucus will elect four delegates and two alternates to represent us at the Convention.  Those interested in being a delegate or alternate can give a little speech asking for our votes.  Immediately after the Caucus, we will have a "bring-your-own PICNIC" to celebrate being able to see each other again.  But since we're still in a pandemic, we will be practicing some distancing and not sharing food and drink.  Info at 978-807-1046.

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