Cape Ann Blossoms Exhibit Draws Locals to Cape Ann Museum


Large crowds attended the Cape Ann Blossoms opening night party last Friday at the Cape Ann Museum (CAM) to see the floral arrangements throughout the weekend.  It was the first physical gathering for the annual show since 2019.  

The floral arrangements were designed to evoke the mood, color, or shape of different artwork throughout the museum.

In addition to the museum staff, the Cape Ann Blossoms Committee — Gail Anderson, Rose Beecher, Dawn Dexter, Caroline Esdaile, Diana Keller Fernandez, Jean Guyer, Susan Kelly, Annie Pulver, Andrée Robert, and Ingrid Swanson — worked to prepare the exhibit.

The floral arrangements were designed floral designers from the North Shore and Cape Ann, including Magnolia’s All Purpose Flowers, Linda Brown; Gloucester’s Audrey’s Flower Shop, Heather Peatfield and Maria Moceri; Backyard Growers, Hailey Small and Jess Reid; Cape Ann Garden Club, Stevie Neal, Shelagh Schylling, Bonnie Angus; Generous Gardeners, Susan Kelly and Judy Caulkett; Generous Gardeners, Leslie Pope and Mary Ethel Stuck; and the Manchester Garden Club’s Teresa A. Ramirez and Lisa Hollis.

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