Buy A Bulb Fundraiser


The Manchester Women’s Club has kicked off its annual “Buy A Bulb” fundraiser to benefit the community.  The Club is responsible for the lighting of the Manchester Friendship Tree each December.  Donations go to keeping the tradition bright throughout the holiday season.  Envelopes are distributed around town, and donations may be mailed in as well.  Sponsor one bulb for $5, or five bulbs for $20 to remember a loved one or friend.  The Cricket will publish a weekly list of bulb memorials. This week, the following have sponsored bulbs in the name of loved ones, or as a simple individual donation to the charity:

  • Nancy Delaney in memory of James and Lilli Pomfret/Dorothy, John, Richard Delaney
  • Paula Bzdula in memory of Pauline and Ted Bzdula/Sophjia Mach/Amelia Golemo
  • S.H. Harrington in memory of Peter Harrington/Nancy Letham
  • Elizabeth Lookis in memory of Family and /Friends
  • Alice Luzinski in memory of Olivia and Gordon Cool/Brian Lusinski/Mary Ellen Cool
  • Gail Halloran in memory of Joe Halloran, Audrey and Charlie Tibbetts/Bill and Ann Daley
  • David and Deborah Hersey in memory of Tom and Sandy Andrews/Norm and Gloria Hersey
  • Bella Bergess
  • Eileen Morsett in memory of William, Robert, Catherine, William Jr. Connors/Agnes Sullivan
  • George Kelley in memory of Frances, Ella, Walter, Walter Jr., Nancy Kelley
  • Georgia Pepper in memory of Raymond and Elsie Pepper/Anne Diamond/Ambia Smith/Judy Gamble
  • Wendy Thomas in memory of Paula Crocker/Judy Gamble
  • Ann Henricksen in memory of Peter, Karin, Peyton, Paige, Pepper Henricksen
  • Ann Henricksen in memory of Ann, Melissa, Ignazio, Frances Alongi/Joya Vaidhyanathan
  • Kathryn Lake in memory of Lisa, Fabio, Luigina, Fantini, johanna Large/Arthur Waddingham
  • Beverly and Bill Melvin in memory of Elenor and Mark Forward/Wallace and Barbara Bullock/Kathy Quottrochi/Sandra and Melvin Ryan
  • Regina Villa in memory of Ricmar Villa/Jane Gardner
  • Adele Gerreira in memory of Grace Ferreira
  • Michele Kilick in memory of Alice and Bob Provost
  • Joseph and Judith Sabella in memory of Parents and Family
  • Bruce Macdonald in memory of Marcia and Carol Macdonald/ Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Macdonald
  • Mr. and Mrs. Owen Thompson
  • Adam and Margaret Briggs in memory of Paul D Shuwall
  • Teresa Ramirez
  • Toby Burrough in memory of Dee and Bill Burrough/Dakota/Shadow/Kim Linehan
  • Martha Mayne
  • Judy deRosario in memory of Carl and Jan Christensen
  • Lorraine Bullock in memory of Maggie/Striper/Brownie/Jax/Mokie/Jumble
  • David Demoura in memory of Lincoln/Lincoln H/Florence/Antone/Antone Jr. Demoura

Donations are being accepted through early December.  Send your checks,  

made out to Manchester Woman’s Club, c/o Elaine Persons, 56 Beach St, Manchester, Mass. 01944.