Buy A Bulb: Closing Out A Successful Fundraising Year


The Manchester Women’s Club’s “Buy A Bulb” fundraiser to benefit the community has come to a successful end this year.  The Club is responsible for the lighting of the Manchester Friendship Tree every December, and donations go to keeping the tradition bright throughout the holiday season.  Donors could sponsor one bulb for $5, or five bulbs for $20 to remember a loved one or friend.  The Cricket has published a weekly list of bulb memorials.  This week is the final list of donors:

  • Lorraine Bullock in memory of Susan Bullock Brennan
  • Donna and Gordon Brewster in memory of Fayette, Herbert Leung/Jan and Stan Brewster/Paul Paskins
  • Judith O’Leary in memory of Thomas O’Leary
  • Charlotte Minasian, donation
  • Stephen Hall in memory of my courageous friend Rob
  • Pamela Spencer in memory of in memory of Dale/Happy Holiday to Amy/Jean/Bill/Andy/Dan/Cordelia/Dallas/Felix
  • Joan and Robert Wogan in memory of Mary, Charles, Alice Lucas/Elaine, Lewis Wogan
  • Jonathan and Rebecca Jaques, donation
  • Christopher Svarstad in memory of Jacob Upton
  • Scott Doneghy in memory of Jeff Snow
  • Alice Nahatis in memory of Chris, Arthur, Susan, Constantinos, Johanna, Zoe Nahatis
  • Arthur Michell/Penelope Gould/Diane Peters/Christina Hanson
  • Susan Doucette in memory of Bob and Judy Gamble, Vinny and Helen Doucette, Claudia Mane Smith, Mahri Bode