Bullying Is The Issue, Not The Police


Bullying Is The Issue, Not The Police  

To the Editor, 

Susan Rosenberg is the head of fundraising for Black Lives Matter.  She is a convicted terrorist who served sixteen years before being pardoned by Bill Clinton.  Hawk Newsome is the head of Black Lives Matter in New York.  He is quoted as saying, “Burn the system down.”  Radical people need to know the people running Black Lives Matter give one good reason for defunding the police, there is none.  The person that stated, “use part of police funds for community development makes no sense.  I’m sure the police and fire do a great job.  There is one issue that Manchester has, it’s the bullying going on in the school system.  I hope you look into that.  People have two choices, the rule of law or the mob rule. 

Alex “Buddy” Bachry 

Smyrna, Georgia 

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