Bravo And Thanks: Essex Barn Saved


Bravo!  Thank you one and all. The Essex Historical barn has been saved!  A barn that served the community well since the late 1700s as a salt hay barn and as a residence for the prominent American architect, Eleanor Raymond, will continue to be useful, like an old reliable friend.  The barn has come from good stock and remains in fine shape and is in safe storage waiting for its next adventure.   

Thank you all for your generous contributions large and small and to those who volunteered their time, energy, sweat and equipment to make this happen.  We couldn’t have done it without the outpouring of support from neighbors far and near.  Now with phase one complete, our next step is to finish our site plan in order to incorporate the structure into the current Waterline Center and the Evelina Goulhart to create a unified structure that tells the story of Essex as a society and as the juggernaut of the schooner building industry as it once was.   

Stay tuned and follow us as we venture forward to create a new unified Essex Historical Society and Shipbuilding Museum.  Yes, there will be a barn raising and we will continue to be offering lectures, workshops, festivals and more that celebrate community but we need your continued support. Please donate to your museum today, the Essex Historical Society and Shipbuilding Museum, the “Heart and History of Essex”.  

Dr. David M. Driscoll, President Essex Historical Society and Shipbuilding Museum 

Donors Who Helped Save the Barn 


2Mac Crew 

Roland & Jane Adams 

Clifford Ageloff 

 Anchor Seal 

Karen Agnelli 

Annie Storr, Museum Projects in Public Service 

Paul and Kim Ashley 

Rebecca Axelrod 

Panjit and Pamela Balse 

Ann W Banks 

Chris Barensfeld 

S. Barnard 

 Barry O'Brien NS Comms Group 

Sarah Beck 

Quincy Bent 

Tom & Becky Bernie 

Ray & Joan Best 

Ted & Judy Bidwell 

Kate and Robbie Bilsbury 

Family Bixby 

Marty Blackadar 

Julia Brotherton 

Rebecca Brown 

Susan Brown Vitale 

Deborah Burnham 

Maria Burnham 

Westley & Dawn Burnham 

 Caddis Construction 

Andy and Peggy Calkins 

Joseph and Harriette Carlin 

Family Cataldo 

Brian Chapski 

Troy Ciarametaro 

Anya Ciarametaro 

Leone Cleary 

Paul cole 

Stan Collinson 

Ted Cooper 

Beverly Coose 

Katherine Cornog 

John & Sally Creeden 

Greg & Cathy Crockett 

Greg Crockett 

David & Sarah Cutter 

Joanne and Alfred Dahlgren 

Brian Darby 

David Davis 

Mark and Yvonne Davis 

Luke & Elly DiFiore 

Lisa Doran 

Carol Doucette 

Adam Doyle 

Bill   Doyle 

John and Kim Drake 

Lia Dudine 

N Dudley 

Margaret and Tom Duff 

Mike and Sarah Dyer 

William Dylengoski 

Elizabeth Eaton 

Stefan Edick 

Jane Ellsworth 

Lynne Elwell 

John and Bridget Esquirol 

Alison Falk 

Ansara Family 

Nicky Fialho 

 Figure 5 Farm 

Stacey Fisher 

Mark and Andree Fitzgerald 

Joseph Fossa 

Andrew Frost 

Fritz Fuller 

 G&R Construction Inc 

Tamson P. Gardner 

Ethan Gaskell 

 Geoffrey H. Richon Co. 

Peter Gertsch 

Peter and Mary Given 

Alec & Melissa Glorieux 

Margo Goetschkes 

Davis Griffith 

Steve Grinley 

Nicola Groh 

E Guerin 

 Gung-Ho Gut Outs 

Marion and Stepen  Hall 

Jason Hammer 

Gus Harrington 

Ann Harrison & Jim Starkey 

Bruce Harvey 

Tom & Stephanie Hastings 

Charles Hay 

Family Healey 

Guy Hermann 

Joan Brown Herrmann 

Bradely  Hildt 

Bill & Arlene Hill 

Richard Honan 

Marcia Hubbard 

Kenneth Hudson 

John and Sally Huss 

Rob Huss 

 Huss & Co 

Bob & Nancy Iacono 

George Irving 

Crerand Joanne 

Paul Johnson 

ken kaplan 

Betsy Klopotoski 

Family Koch 

Simon Koch 

Jud & Tina Lane 

Marjorie Lane 

Jeff Lane 

Heidi Lane  

James Lang 

Carolyn Lawler 

Peter and Roxanna Leone 

Tom & Deb Levesque 

Warren M. Little 

Marcia  Lombardo 

Rick Lord 

Sue Lufkin 

Susan Lufkin 

Nancy Luther 

Ian MacDougall 

 Manchester Essex Rotary Club 

Michael March 

Chris Marques 

Rob   Martin 

Laura B.  Matson 

 Matt Diana Housewright, LLC 

Dan Mayer 

 Mayer Tree 

Michael McCoy 

Denessa & Michael  McGarty 

Mike McGarty 

Michelle McGrath 

Dennis McGurk 

Family McKeen 

Gayle McKinley 

James and Patricia McNeilly 

Mary Meehan 

Lisa Mehlin 

Antoinette Menicocci 

Rick & Pam Merullo 

Brian Miller 

Ann Mohr 

Bob Morel 

john & elaine morrow 

Gerald and Mary J Muise 

Ivan and Lillian Muise 

Dorothy  Mulcahy 

judith  nast 

Daisy Nell 

Jeff  Olnhausen 

Lawrence and Sarah  O'Maley 

Cheryl  Oosterman 

Kelly  O'Ryan 

Linda L.  Osburn 

James Pare 

Bob Pasternack 

Jeff & Meridith  Paulhus 

Kim Pedersen 

Saundra Pembroke 

Leanne Perrigo 

Shawn Perry 

Morley Piper 

Mark & Elisa Pitkin 

Bob and Kim Porter 

Joey Pratt 

Pamela Pride 

Nat Pulsifer 

Michael and Nancy Purdy 

Bob Quadros 

Kit  Raseman 

David and Debbie Ray 

Family Riopels 

Patrick and Julie Riordan 

Trish Roach 

Peter Robbins 

Patricia Robert 

Marty Rodweller 

Robert Roemer 

Paul Romary 

Avgenia  Rooney 

Peter Rudd 

Nik  Santagate 

Marcia Savory 

Peter Scala 

Patricia Schaffer 

Paul Schwartz 

Steven Scott 

Family Shaughnessy 

Pamela and Dean  Sidell 

Rick Silverman 

 Smithwick & Mariners 

Louis Somma 

Andrew Spindler 

Andy Spinney 

Andrew St John 

Jim   Starkey 

Diana H  Stockton 

Mike and Lyn  Stroman 

Susie Talbot 

Holly  Tanguay 

 Tapley Saw Mill 

Alison  Taylor 

Natasha  Taylor 

William Taylor 

Zach Teal 

Tenney Foundation 

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