Another response to “All Lives Matter”


To the Editor: 

It is in fact a very sad day for Manchester when a letter suggesting Black Lives Matter belongs in Chicago or Baltimore, but not in Manchester, makes its way into the Cricket.  I know others are addressing the “all lives matter” response and the misconception of the police defunding movement, and will focus here on other aspects in the letter that I also found troubling and off the mark. 

While I did not vote in favor of the proposed amendment to reduce the police budget at Town Meeting, I recognize and strongly defend the right of the proponent to speak.  Far from disowning him, I admire that he was an active participant and had the self-confidence to get up and speak at Town Meeting on a topic that he likely expected would be controversial I also am grateful that we have a moderator that showed patience and compassion in directing the proponent on the proper way to make the motion, and for the heartfelt responses to the motion when it was discussed (one of which encouraged the proponent to get involved in the decision making process leading up to Town Meeting).   That is the type of constructive discourse that makes Manchester a better place in my view.  

I also take comfort in the fact that many current residents, especially younger ones, have actively supported the Black Lives Matter movement  including right here in Manchester.  Bravo!  From my perspective that shows a much better present and future for our community than the past where our former resident seems to be stuck.  

Jay Bothwick 


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