Annual Auxiliary Membership Awards


Thank you to the community for all the support you have given to Legion Post 113. 

This year the Auxiliary has had no fund raisers. We usually would send out a membership pin to members celebrating 5,10,15, 20, 25 plus years. But due to budget restraints, we did not think we should spend the money. But then, two Auxiliary Angels, Hope and Lisa Watt Bucci, donated a large portion of the cost and Michelle Baer picked up four more Angels to cover the tax, shipping and postage. Hope and Lisa felt that it was important this year to recognize our members for the work they continue to do for the Legion. The pins will be awarded sometime in March. Thank you, Lisa and Hope. Our Treasurer has now added (this year) a new category on the books: Angel Donations. 

5 Years: Eileen Cellucci, Mary Cody-Kenney, Joanne Doucet, Sarah Carson Kearney, Christine Knight, Paula Riley, Hope Watt Bucci and Lisa Watt Bucci. 

10 Years: Leah Baker, Michelle Bourdot, Nancy Burgess, Liz Dozier, Linda Harrison, Sylvia Hidden Kirker, Wendy Hiller Clark, Jeanne Kelleher, Grace LeBlanc, Judy Lloyd, Karen Mahan, Candance Miles, Carolyn O’Malley, Joan Rose, Carole Shepard and Lynne Sprague. 

15 Years: Joan Brennan, Doreen Elwell, Michele Kulick, Kelly O’Neill, Jane Pearson (Past President)and Mimi Smith. 

20 years: Georgia Hersey, Shawna Allen, Michelle Baer, Cynthia Bell and Brenda Hart. 

25 years: Patricia Arnold and Catherine Hull 

30 years: Teresa Henderson (Past-President), Dolly Hull (past Secretary and Treasurer) and Michaelene Nichols. 

35 years: Nancy Wrobel 

40 years: Joanna Parisi, Marilyn Field, Eleanor Lee (Past President) 43 years and Linda Lee  

55 years: Cathy Angelson  

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