A Thank You to MBTS ATM Voters


To the Editor,

I wanted to thank the voters of Manchester at our Annual Town Meeting for the thoughtful and careful consideration and passing of the new adult entertainment by-law.  I think the amended version will help maintain the character of the downtown and comply with first amendment rights.

I wanted to give a special shout out to Planning Board member Susan Philbrick who used a bit of humor and her legal skills in making the zoning change easy to understand at the meeting. 

Over the coming months the PB will be looking at additional changes to our by-laws and further tweak the proposed ones we have been working on.  We will decide which one or ones to move forward on to our next Town meeting.  I urge all to follow along by attending our meetings.  We will also be pursuing outreach sessions to continue to help voters understand complex zoning issues.

Ron Mastrogiacomo

Chair, Manchester Planning Board

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