A Successful Buy-a-Bulb Fundraiser


The Manchester Woman’s Club’s (MWC) annual community fundraiser, “Buy-a-Bulb” has been a big success.  This year, all donations will go to the MWC Scholarship Fund to “help light the future of our young people,” according to the Club.  Donation envelopes can still be found around town at various businesses, or they can be sent directly to MWC, c/o Elaine Persons, 56 Beach St., Manchester, MA, 01944.

Here are the donations and dedications that have been received since last week:

Abigal Levendusky (for Carole, Ben, Jackson, Will and Hadley); Andrea Morgan (donation); Andrew Cotreau (donation); Charlene Fitzgerald (for Charles and Lois); Charlene Young (for Dad, Mum and Skippy); Dede Warren (for Dorothy); Elizabeth Loomis (for friends and family); Georgia Pepper (donation); Jean Sawyer (for Gillie); Joan Brennen (for Roy, Sam, Remsen, Summer, Patty and Joe); Marilyn Field (for Ed and Tricia); Martha Mayne (donation); Michele Kulick (for Bob and Alice); Mildred Singleton (for David, Helen and Bob); Patricia Ambrose (donation); Paula Bohnwagner (for Tricia); Stephen Hall (for Carrell, Homer, Connie, George and Fred); Story High School Class 1960 (for B. Grinovich, B. Hatcher, J. Hinkley, M. Jay, B. Lombard, M. McCoy, J. Polito, B. Cohen, B. Corley, S. Crane, M. Cronin, Rev. Curran and B. Fairweather); Tom Kehoe (for Nathalie, Kenneth, Don, Joe, Jerry and Dick); Wendy Bishop (for Barbara and John).

This year’s Buy-a-Bulb fundraiser went right up through last week, and we have featured all donor names here in The Cricket.  Funds this year go right to the club’s scholarships for local students here in our community.  Thank you to all who contributed this year to make the Buy A Bulb from the Manchester Woman’s Club a big success.

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