A Modest Proposal for Manchester


To the Editor,

Manchester is a very progressive community interested in saving our planet I assume.  The town is also concerned about rampant development. Here is a win-win solution on both counts: Get a Home Rule petition with the help of state Senator Tarr to allow Manchester to ban all future gas hookups and oil furnaces.  We know that in order to save the planet for our children and grandchildren we must get off fossil fuels yesterday.  By requiring electric heating, cooling, hot water and cooking supplied by green energy sources such as offshore wind, solar, etc. we have a chance to stop the damage.  It will also improve public health by stopping air pollution both inside and outside our homes.  This requirement may also give heedless developers second thoughts about their plans.  How about it, Manchester?  Let's not just talk a green game! 

Pete Willwerth, One of the many, Beverly

pete willwerth