A Letter to the Editor: Quality vs. Quantity


To The Editor,

Dear Members, Board of Selectmen, we are writing to you in regards to the Powder House Lane property vs. Strategic Land Venture’s proposal for developing Shingle Hill.

Powder House Lane encompasses everything positive in our town’s endeavor to improve and grow affordable housing.  What a generous gift we have received from one of the many grateful and appreciative residents.

The town of Manchester is a small, quiet and safe residential community with limited commercial enterprises.  Its growth has primarily been in the residential sector and has been fairly gradual through the years.  This slow pace of growth has been mostly due to limited space, but it, also, is what the residents have sought.  We covet its amenities, i.e., lovely walking trails, a safe harbor, an amazing beach and a top rated school system, to mention a few. 

If SLV does receive approval for its development, summer months with its traffic and crowds would become year around and change the future of Manchester.  Our town needs to continue its emphasis on our steadfast quality and not on the quantity or magnitude, as proposed by SLV.  We could quickly lose much of what we have worked for over the years.

Please consider the above thoughts and help us move Manchester forward into a “Safe Harbor” with Powder House Lane.

Thank you for your professionalism, time,  patience and sensitivity to the residents,

Penny and Henry Lapham

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