A Gravel Road Less Traveled or a Paved Road to Development


To the Editor,

In 1949, our forefathers purchased “Gravel and Round Ponds and all lands, rights of way or easements within the Town of Hamilton necessary or desirable for holding, storing, purifying, or preserving such waters”.  Chebacco Road in Hamilton was included in this acquisition.  Many Manchester residents do not realize that our forefathers were proactive, forward thinking and concerned for our future drinking water supply, thus purchased Gravelly Pond which provides Manchester with over 60 percent of its drinking water.  Manchester residents will be asked to approve a land swap in order for Hamilton to move and pave a portion of Manchester owned Chebacco Road that has ALWAYS been a gravel road.

Is it safer for our drinking water supply to have a paved road further away from Gravelly Pond or a gravel road?  The evidence is unclear because Manchester has not performed any due diligence.  Manchester has endorsed this project without questioning what is in the best interest of Gravelly Pond.  The question was asked, will this paving of Chebacco Road increase traffic?  The answer was we do not know, because neither Hamilton nor Manchester completed a traffic study.  How could the addition of 50 proposed units on Chebacco Road not increase traffic? 

Hamilton has spent time and money determining what is in the best interest of their residents and increasing conveniences for their DPW, but where is the voice of Manchester?

Why did Manchester not perform their own investigation to determine what is in the best interest of Gravelly Pond?? 

Hamilton residents have expressed concern over the relocation of Black Earth and the increase of traffic on Chebacco Road.  Where is the Manchester concern? 

Harborlight expressed interest in developing housing across from Gravelly Pond on Hamilton owned land.  Where will the water supply come from and waste disposed of? 

Is this really a paved road to protect Gravelly Pond or to pave the road for future development of Hamilton along Chebacco Road?

Manchester residents need to understand that there is no research or data that proves that this is best for our drinking water supply.  Therefore, before you decide to vote for this warrant article ask yourself the following:

Who initiated this?  And Why?

How many Chebacco Road residents are against this project?

What document states this paving project is best for Gravelly Pond?

How many trees along this designated Scenic Road and located on Manchester conservation land will be removed to pave this road?  The Manchester Planning Board received notice of the October 19 Hamilton Scenic Road Public Hearing to determine tree removal on October 23!

What comments did Manchester provide at the Hamilton Conservation Commission hearing that opened and closed on January 13, 2021.

Is there a Stormwater Management Plan?

The simple question is, where is the data that proves that paving Chebacco Road is in the best interest of Manchester?  If you cannot answer these questions I urge you to vote against this transfer of land.

Christina Delisio, Manchester