A Day To Cherish


Gordan MacDougall being presented the Elder Brethren Cane for being the oldest brother in attendance at Saturday’s EB 144 event. As of this year the Boston Post Cane will be under the care of the Manchester Historical Museum and presented by the Selectmen to the oldest citizen of Manchester-by-the-Sea.  Elder Brethren Board Member Paul Clark, right, presents the Slade Eaton Trophy to outgoing President Mike Chapman at the Brethren’s 144th consecutive “Chowder Party.” This Slade Eaton Award is the 30th to be bestowed. The Slade Eaton was named after two long-time officers of the Organization, Harry Slade and Ollie Eaton, and presented to Brothers who made significant contributions to the Town and to the Elder Brethren Organization. Mike Chapman has done both.


Photos: Paul Clark and Photo: Mike Dyer. More at: Facebook.com