A Date With Model Trains


Last Saturday it was a “three-fer” in Manchester that delight model train lovers.  Called Spring TRAINing (get it?), the show was designed to draw in fans of model trains both big and small in three separate locations—the Masonic Hall, the American Legion and the First Parish Church Chapel. 

The Masonic Hall featured a 21-by-21-foot model train extravaganza, with three different settings (mountain landscape, a village and one featuring emergency vehicles and trains). Then, next door at the Legion there was a Thomas the Tank Engine set up that was pretty large.  Finally, information on clubs were available at the First Parish Hall. 

The show is dedicated to the memory of Manchester’s Dick Towle, who first brought this show to town, was a longtime photographer for the Cricket and the Police Department and worked as a trainer for the state's Metro Bay Commuter Rail.